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Calabozo order stromectol mastercard The Unseen Empire is the working title for a series of hard science fiction novellas set in the 43rd century, developed collaboratively with co-writers Trevor Dodson and Adam Hamill.

The series follows the crew of the Republic Systems Ship Hermes – the newest, fastest, and least combat-worthy warship in the Terran Republic Navy.  With a crew of politicians and d-list celebrities and a Captain no other crew would accept, no one’s expecting the ship to do much more than show off her brand new drive systems to any local governors who might think they’re too far from the core worlds for the Senate to reach.

But the technology driving the Hermes is more advanced than they know.  Other forces have begun turning their gaze towards humanity as a potential new partner… or prize.  The ship that was never meant to fight might find herself in a war of her own all too soon.

Ramblings of a neurotic author.