AboutTheAuthor2Joseph Reinemann was born in Ithaca, NY in 1985, the son of an electrical engineer and a former peace corps member/grade school science teacher. His first five years were largely spent on the move, including a year spent in Islamabad. In 1990 his family settled in Madison, WI, where he attended school and decided in second grade that writing a novel couldn’t possibly be that hard. After several disillusioning years of work and numerous failed attempts he was forced to revise his position, but kept on writing anyway. In 2003 he was recognized by the National Association for the Advancement of the Arts for his first novel, Shadows of Time. He has studied a variety of topics, receiving degrees in English Literature and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin. He also has a variety of hobbies ranging from boat building to drama to robotics, all of which he eventually hopes to write about. He currently lives in Madison.

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