Single Awareness Day Sale!

Hey there (single) kids?  Are you spending your Valentine’s Day alone with yourself and the internet?  Why not burn some of that time before you can rush out and buy mountains of discounted candy in heart shaped boxes by reading a sci-fi book?  Because there’s nothing that will impress the person/friend/enemy/crush/stalkee/loved one/unloved one/bitter rival/bridge partner/cyclopean horror you have your eye on like a display that you’re well read and not afraid to show it!  And hey, if you’re going to read a sci-fi novel, why not get a really, really heavy one to make you look extra studious?  Like Shadows of Time – Probable Outcome, on sale for the Kindle on for this entire hellish 24 hours that seems designed to celebrate the fact that nobody loves you!* That’s right, this February 15th… Wait, 15th? Isn’t Valentine’s on the 14th?

So, now that the tongue and cheek bit is out of the way, yes, Shadows of Time II is available at a discounted price for the entirety of the 15th!  Why the 15th, do you ask? Because I am a single man with no good reason to acknowledge Valentine’s Day and I didn’t have a calendar in front of me when I set up the promotion! The price is going to slowly ramp up the closer we get to the 16th, so go fast!  Like right now!  RUN, MORTALS, RUN AND FEED MY AUTHORIAL CHECKING ACCOUNT!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

…Ahem, and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

*I’m just going to say that if you didn’t imagine that slightly soul crushing bit of dark humor being read in a cheesy 50’s advertising pitch voice, you’re doing it wrong.

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